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Portals Volume One May 12, 2016

Posted by Laurie A. Green in Uncategorized.

My latest sekrit project. Now, not so sekrit, but available! Read more from Whiskey With My Book Review site.

Whiskey With My Book

Portals-promoPortals is the inspiration of several clever members of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade.  In each volume, you will find the first chapter of 10 different Science Fiction Romance books.  Volume One of the highly anticipated Portals project is now available.  Think you want to read some SciFi Romance, but don’t know where to start?  For the extremely low price of FREE, Portals is better than a trip to the bookstore.

At intervals of approximately 2 weeks, the four volumes will be released.  The books included were grouped by their heat levels as follows:

Volume One – A universe where stories will contain some explicit love scenes.

Volume Two – Worlds with frequent hot and fiery romance, in scenes described using more graphic language than in Volume One.

Volume Three – Landscapes with sensual, less graphic love scenes than those found in Volume One or Two.

Volume Four – Dimensions with an all-encompassing romantic blend, from mildest to hottest…

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