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Breakaway by Michelle Diener – Reivew (plus a sneak review) June 18, 2018

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Whiskey With My Book

About Breakaway

Sofie lives in the shadow of Felicitos–the tethered way station built to funnel Garmen’s mineral wealth up to the top of the atmosphere, where it’s loaded onto space ships. Because Garmen is a breakaway planet, not part of the Verdant String Coalition, the companies that control it are free to run things as they see fit, and Sofie is part of the resistance that wants to end their rule.

Her main goal, though, is to get away from Garmen altogether, and leave the drudgery and violence behind her. That goal is complicated by her involvement with Leo Gaudier, a shadowy crime lord whose ability to cheat the companies that own Garmen is something she admires. And when she stumbles on a terrible new direction the companies are taking, a secret alliance that will endanger everyone she cares about, she sees her chances of escape slipping away.

Leo is…

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Donna S. Frelick, Author of Not Fade Away – Guest Post with Excerpt June 10, 2018

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Whiskey With My Book

Guest Post
by Donna S. Frelick

In the course of promoting my latest novel in my contemporary SFR series, Not Fade Away, Interstellar Rescue Series Book 4, I’ve talked a lot about how contemporary SFR turns a protagonist’s “cozy” world upside down. Or the difficulty of writing authentically about dementia or therapy dogs (both of which figure prominently in this story). But I haven’t yet addressed a key aspect of this story and one of its more intriguing characters: artificial intelligence and sentient machines.

BiN (a rubric for Binary Nanoplex) is part machine, part biological construct, a creation of the alien slave-trading Minertsans. It was created to serve the needs of the Empire, in particular those of the slave trade, now under threat from both outside the Empire (from abolitionist Rescue fighters) and inside (from those who would give up the old ways). The machine/creature was made to…

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Not Fade Away (Interstellar Rescue Series #4) by Donna S. Frelick June 8, 2018

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Whiskey With My Book

About Not Fade Away

Earth shielded his secrets–
Until her love unlocked his heart.

Rescue agent Rafe Gordon is human, though Earth has never been his home. But when his legendary father Del becomes the target of alien assassins, Rafe must hide the dementia-debilitated hero in the small mountain town where the old man was born—Masey, North Carolina, USA, Earth.

Home care nurse Charlie McIntyre and her therapy dog, Happy, have never had such challenging clients before. Del’s otherworldly “episodes” are not explained by his diagnosis, making Charlie question everything about her mysterious charge and his dangerously attractive son. Rafe has the answers she needs, but Charlie will have to break through his wall of secrets to get them.

As the heat rises between Charlie and Rafe, the deadly alien hunters circle closer. The light they seek to extinguish flickers in the gloom of Del’s fading mind—the memory of a…

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